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I have just read a very interesting & insightful article written by my homie Joe Walker. I love this blog & I agree. Say whatever you want to say & believe whatever you want to believe. Who complained while Bush (both Jr & Sr) and Reagan was in office? We projected our hopes & dreams on to a man who is just like us. He is not Jesus. But at the same time, remember we have Congressmen & Senators. They have terms just like a President but their terms have different lengths. No one holds them responsible. Sure, the government tried & is still trying to pass SOPA but no one knew about ACTA. It’s like we have ppl in gov’t doing good & some doing some other business. Excellent article & my point is everyone needs to VOTE FOR EVERYTHING, contact all your elected officials & be aware of what is going on in the country & the world. No one really cares until it starts affecting personally & you lose your rights. GREAT JOB HOMIE. I’M NOT BEING POLITICAL BUT JUST BEING VOCAL & SAYING WAKE UP!!!


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